Welcome to my new website! It’s been under construction for a little while now because I’ve been super busy with so many exciting projects, one of which is this Welcome mural painted with my Alphabetics Anonymous sign-gang in the entrance area of the London Letterheads event in August. You can read more about the Letterheads and Alphabetics Anonymous below. Hold tight while I continue to update my 'Work' section, and in the meantime have a little explore of what I already have on here...
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Alphabetics Anonymous is a Sign Painting Guild and Support Group founded by an crew of London-based Sign Painters. We use the AA group to share jobs, knowledge and skills, learning peer to peer (whilst also having a lotta fun.) AA have some very exciting jobs in the pipeline for the end of summer... stay tuned on our instagram @alphabetics_anonymous. We are always looking for opportunities to paint and collaborate together, so if you think we might be able to lend a brush to your project, give us a shout. AA are also looking for an exhibition space to hold a group show - so equally if you think you could help US out, please get in touch!
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"The Grand Exhibition of the Pre-Vinylite Society: An 18th Century Revival" was on display at 2018's Letterheads event. The Grand Exhibition is curated and initiated by Meredith Kasabian of The Pre-Vinylite Society, and is a revival of an exhibition of confiscated hanging inn signs that was held in London in the 18th Century... I'm honoured to have been selected to take part alongside 30 very talented painters from around the world! You can see on the left the piece I painted for the show, and read more in an upcoming diary entry. For more info on the exhibition and the fascinating story behind it, click through for this article written by Meredith herself.
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This year London was selected to host to the worldwide Sign Painting community - this August Letterheads from all corners descended on our city! With lots to see for the public and painters alike, this years event rasied over 10,000 for charity, hosted 250 painters from over 30 countries covering 5 continents. Overwhelming! Look out for my diary entry on the event coming soon!
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This is my piece for the Grand Exhibition - I selected this title from the list of signs that were on display in the original Grand Exhibtion held in 1762.