Hana Sunny Whaler is a Sign Painter and Illustrator based in South East London. Here, she works from her studio and on-location for a wide variety of clients within the city and beyond it’s borders, using traditional techniques and tricks of the trade that have been passed down the generations. 

She seeks to work with clients who appreciate the natural charm that Sign Painting can offer, and those who are looking for a ‘human touch’ for their business or project.



Sign Painting ~ Murals ~ Hand Lettering ~ Illustration

Concept ~ Design ~ Application



Hana discovered the small universe of Sign Painting in her final year at Falmouth University where she studied Illustration, and since graduating in 2014 has been working and travelling as a freelance Sign Painter. Over the course of her time within the trade, Hana has been regularly attending Letterheads conventions and workshops across the UK and abroad, learning, working and making connections with the international Sign Painting community. Alongside her client work, Hana has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and events which focus on the trade and highlight it’s importance as a traditional and informative art form, as well as organising and running exhibitions of her own in collaboration with other sign painters.